Seashore Engineering is a West Australian coastal engineering firm established in 2012. Our knowledge base has developed through decades of experience working with Local, State and Federal Governments, Port Authorities, oil, gas and mining industries and the wider private sector.

Seashore Engineering combines the staff and skills of Damara WA Pty Ltd with Shore Coastal Pty Ltd. The amalgamation has enhanced the provision of services by strengthening the relationship between the two companies. Allowing for efficient professional advice and review.

Our directors are Matthew Eliot (BEng, BSc) and Stuart Barr (BEng). Both whom are Principal Coastal Engineers with a combined experience in the order of 50 years within the field of coastal engineering.

Seashore Engineering has two offices, a Perth metropolitan office and a regional office in Margaret River. The two office locations allow us to provide consistent, timely, and high quality services for a wide range of clientel. We pride ourselves on the extraordinary technical quality of our work and the ability to understand coastal systems for application in coastal engineering, construction management and maritime planning.

Seashore Engineering is unique in our capacity to provide services of two of the most experienced coastal specialists in Australia, Dr Bill Andrew and Dr Ian Eliot. Both have provided mentoring and technical advice to the directors over the course of their professional careers. Recognising that the experience and knowledge of these specialists is invaluable to coastal engineering and management for Western Australia and further abroad.

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