Stuart Barr

Director / Principal Coastal Engineer

Since completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Env) at the University of Western Australia in 1994, Stuart has gained nearly 30 years experience working on coastal and environmental projects throughout Australia. This experience has given Stuart particular expertise in coastal engineering investigations, design and construction supervision for coastal and maritime projects, including beach protection (sand nourishment, seawalls, groynes), small boat harbours (breakwaters, dredging, bypassing) and ports. The experience Stuart has gained over the last 28 years has garnered him with a unique and invaluable understanding of costal engineering and coastal processes in Western Australia, in particular the southwest region of WA.

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Dr Matt Eliot

Director/Principal Coastal Engineer

Matt Eliot has more than 25 years of experience as a civil engineer, with specialist project experience as a coastal and maritime engineer, being involved with projects covering shore protection works, dredging, water quality evaluation, mooring systems, boat ramps and piled structures. Matt has experience through all phases of the engineering process including research, investigations, design, contract management, construction, auditing, condition assessment, maintenance and repairs. He has been involved in projects throughout Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific. Matt has particular knowledge of coastal processes and incorporates a strong understanding of weather systems, wind, wave, tide, surge and sediment transport processes into his work.

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Glenn McCormack

Coastal Engineer

Glenn has 12 years experience as a coastal engineer, working on a wide variety of coastal and estuarine projects in Western Australia. He has been involved in foreshore dynamics investigations, evaluation of metocean datasets, condition inspection and adaptation of existing structures, as well as design and construction of new structures. Glenn has developed a solid understanding of coastal and estuarine processes, across a wide range of conditions, which he considers an important foundation for coastal engineers. He has particular skills in the integration of field inspection, coastal data (e.g. surveys) and oceanographic measurements to identify active coastal processes. These skills have been applied through the field survey design, implementation and evaluation of coastal processes monitoring for the Wheatstone Project, near Onslow, and for an erosion assessment and subsequent seawall design and construction at Bunbury.

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Harrison Davis

Coastal Engineer

Harrison joined the Seashore Engineering team in July 2018. Harrison graduated with Distinction from a Masters of Professional Engineering in 2018, specialising in Environmental Engineering. In 2015 Harrison completed a Bachelor of Science with a first major in Engineering and second major in Marine Science. Harrison is  working as a coastal engineer with Seashore Engineering in the south west office, delivering projects in a wide range of coastal engineering applications. Recent projects Harrison has been involved in include engineering investigations and design of beach protection including sand nourishment, seawalls, groynes and breakwaters, as well as developing and implementing coastal management and monitoring programs.

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Ian Eliot

Coastal Geomorphologist

Ian Eliot is a coastal geomorphologist with extensive experience in coastal investigations, ranging from regional sediment studies to detailed field programs assessing micro-scale processes. This involvement has included academic research, practical studies for foreshore management and development of high level planning. He is a senior advisor to government at Federal, State and local levels on a wide range of coastal issues.

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Dr Bill Andrew

Technical Specialist

Dr Bill Andrew was previously a Principal Engineer with the WA Department of Marine of Harbours and has more than 50 years experience. Dr. Andrew originally worked with the Harbours and Rivers Branch of the Western Australian Department of Public Works in the late 1950s and became the Principal Engineer for Maritime Planning for the Department in the 1980s. Dr. Andrew assumed various senior roles with the Department in the 1980s and 1990s including Principal Engineer (Planning and Design) and Principal Engineer (Consultant Engineering Services).

Since 1994 Dr. Andrew has continued to provide high level technical advice on coastal management and maritime planning to various government departments and local government authorities, as well as assuming a valuable mentoring role for many, less experienced coastal engineers in Western Australia.

Dr. Andrew teamed up with Seashore Engineering in 2012 and continues to provide services the WA Department for Transport.

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