In 2021, Southern Ports engaged Seashore Engineering to review the condition of the breakwaters within the Port of Esperance and develop an Asset Management Plan (AMP).

A detailed condition inspection of the structures, UAV survey and Hydrosurvey was undertaken in February-2022, and documented a separate Condition Assessment report. The inspection informed required repairs and strategic maintenance, and in the AMP, the likelihood of localised failure. A linear asset condition plan has been provided. The scope of the AMP included a list and description of structures, levels of service, failure modes, state of asset inspection information, risk rating, maintenance plan and life cycle cost model.

The provision of a detailed yet realistic 10-year budgeted program of works for breakwater repairs at the Port of Esperance has been developed. Allowing for a transparent and economical delivery of the recommended works over subsequent years, with consideration given to longer term asset management planning.

Port Of Esperance Breakwaters 1
Port of Esperance – Breakwater