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Port of Esperance Breakwaters

In 2021, Southern Ports engaged Seashore Engineering to review the condition of the breakwaters within [...]

Bremer Bay – Boat Ramp and Jetty Refurbishment

Seashore Engineering was engaged to manage the Fishery Beach Marina Boat Ramp and Jetty Refurbishment [...]

Busselton gets funding for flood barrier boost

One of Western Australia’s major tourism destinations, the City of Busselton is home to the [...]

Busselton Foreshore Coastal Erosion

Shore Coastal has delivered more than 70 coastal projects for the City of Busselton over [...]

Augusta Boat Harbour Breakwaters

The design and project management of a public boat launching facility, a land backed surface [...]

The Esplanade, Swan River Foreshore Stabilisation

Design of foreshore stabilisation works to address progressive erosion along the Esplanade Foreshore in Peppermint [...]

WA Coastal Erosion Hotspots Assessment

A state-wide evaluation was undertaken, identifying priority sites likely to require substantial coastal erosion management [...]

Swan River Foreshore Assessment Project

Developed and implemented physical condition assessments of built and natural foreshores within the Swan and [...]

Wheatstone Coastal Processes

Seashore Engineering plays a pivotal role in management of coastal process impacts at the new [...]